Want to change the flight date? JetBlue Airways will help:

JetBlue Airways has the provision for flight date change but is chargeable. Many leading aviation groups do not impose any flight date change fee but JetBlue Airways charges a minimum flight date change fee due to their strict flight date change policies. The provision of a same-day flight switch is also available. But, this facility is available only in the cities which regulate multiple flights in a day.

Some of the important points regarding the flight date change policy of JetBlue Airways are:

  • Same-day flight change option is eligible for all kinds of fare options
  • The flight change can be adjusted to an earlier as well as later flight (same day) as the originally scheduled flight
  • Same-day flight change can be done at midnight in the time zone from where the flight is about to depart
  • Passengers having refundable tickets are not eligible to pay a same-day switch fee
  • Mosaic passengers need not pay the same-day switch fee
  • Also, they are eligible for a flight date change beginning 24 hours prior to the originally scheduled time of flight

What is the cost to change a flight date at JetBlue Airways?

If the ticket is non-refundable, then the passengers need to pay a flat fee of $75 in order to change their flight date.

What are the exceptions to flight change fees?

Death of the passenger:

Unfortunately, if the ticketed passenger dies, a refund is processed to the original mode of payment for the deceased and travelling companion (if any). The request must be submitted along with a verified copy of the death certificate within 14 business days of flight cancellation. For any assistance related to flight change, the customers can contact at the JetBlue flight change number 1-800-538-2583 or +1 801 630 8355.


If the passenger or any family member of the passenger becomes seriously ill, the non-refundable ticket will still remain non-refundable. But, if the passenger wishes to cancel the ticket, it will remain in an “OPEN” status so that the passenger can use it later but within one year from the original date of flight booking

Non-refundable tickets in relation to military orders:

JetBlue Airways tend to change or cancel fee for active military members as well as their immediate family members if their travel plans change or get cancelled due to military deployment. However, the military deployment should be verified with proper documentation to JetBlue. Once the verification process is completed, the ticket will receive an “OPEN” status that can be used later on.

  • For any further queries with JetBlue Airways, you can dial on:- +1 801 630 8355
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