Allegiant airways are known to provide the cheapest fare available at the time as well as the place of booking. Unlike other airline companies, it doesn’t impose a different fee for online and offline booking. The flight fares remain similar irrespective of the mode of booking, be it online or offline. The passengers can either opt for the official website of Allegiant Airways (, Allegiant airways reservation center (702-505-8888), or the airport during ticketing hours if they wish to hold their flights.

What are the policies related to the flight hold facility of Allegiant Airways?

It is to be noted that, unlike other airline companies, Allegiant Airways never settles for half or partial payment. They demand full payment at the time of reservation or any other related facilities. Some of the key points to be considered while dealing with the flight hold policy of Allegiant Airways are:

  • Allegiant Airways only allow holding of flight ticket or reservation if full payment of the ticket has already been made at the time of booking
  • Allegiant Airways may become a partner with third-party companies that allow installment payments
  • But, they themselves never accept partial payment of flight ticket if the passenger opts for flight hold
  • Just in case Allegiant Airways decide to collaborate with a third party, the passengers need to make a separate agreement with the third party and then abide by their terms as well as conditions
  • Generally, the purchased tickets are non-refundable and are subject to a very few exceptions

What is the flight hold fare Policy of Allegiant Airways?

Allegiant Airways offers the opportunity to hold the flight tickets and book their seats but also charges a flight hold fare.

  • Allegiant Airways can charge up to $80 to hold a flight ticket or book a seat

What is Trip Flex Protection in Allegiant Airways?

If the passenger wishes to cancel a flight ticket that includes Trip Flex, then no cancellation charges are applicable. But, if the cancellation is made for a ticket without Trip Flex, then Allegiant Airways impose a cancellation fee of approximately $25 per passenger.

  • However, it is to be noted that the carrier charges, as well as booking fees, are always non-refundable, be it a Trip Flex or non-Trip Flex ticket.
  • In simple words, Trip Flex is like a protection shield to the passengers that help them in avoiding most change as well as cancellation fees
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