Southwest Airlines- For people of different financial statuses:

Though Southwest Airlines has gained popularity mostly among the common people for their budget-friendly ticket fares and over-flexible cancellation as well as refund policies, they also take care of the needs of the people having more than satisfactory financial conditions. There are three types of flights available on Southwest Airlines:-

  1. Business Select
  2. Anytime and
  3. Wanna Get Away

Why I choose Southwest Airlines Business Class Flight Ticket?

People travelling by Southwest Airlines Business Select Class enjoy many benefits such as:

  • 12 Rapid Rewards per dollar per qualifying flight
  • Priority boarding
  • Enjoying priority check-in lane
  • Complimentary premium drink, which is currently not applicable due to COVID-19 rules and regulations

Some other benefits that the passengers who travel by business class only can relish are:

Priority while boarding:

The passengers have the advantage to select their seats as well as find space for the carryon bags

Refundable flights:

The passengers can enjoy the benefit of using refundable flights if they wish to cancel their flight for some unavoidable reason. However, cancellation of the flight is allowed up to 10 minutes before the scheduled time of departure.

Rapid Rewards:

Since the passenger tends to receive 12 points for each dollar spent on the base fare. Passengers flying by Wanna Get Away receive half of this amount.

Free entertainment all the time:

The passengers enjoy free movies, live TV as well as inflight messaging so that they remain connected to their loved ones while traveling long distances

  • To Contact Southwest Airlines Customer Service Dial 1-800-435-9792 or +1 801 630 8358

How do I Upgrade My Southwest Flight Ticket in Business Class Ticket? Complete Procedure to upgrade to Southwest Airlines Business Class:

As there is a price to luxury, the passengers also need to pay the cost to upgrade to Southwest Airlines Business Class so that they can enjoy unlimited benefits while travelling.

  • The cost is mainly dependent on the route.
  • However, the range may vary from approximately $30 to $50 per segment
  • The upgrade availability generally remains limited and chances of upgrading while flying on a heavy business route are almost impossible
  • While flying on a leisure route, upgrading can be done
  • The passenger simply needs to enquire at the ticket counter or desk at the departure gate about the upgrade
  • In some cases, upgrading is also possible at the reserved gate
  • Upgrades with Southwest Priority Credit Card is also possible which offers four upgrades per year, depending on the availability
  • If the passenger upgrade to Business Select using Priority Credit Card, he/she may receive a $75 annual credit and also 20% back on in-flight drinks
  • Besides, Wi-Fi, messaging, and movies are also added to the upgrade package

Thus, people can opt for Southwest Business Select rather than Anytime or Wanna Get Away due to the extra benefits, which would cost just a little higher. Also, people traveling by Business Select enjoy fully refundable tickets, which are partially refundable in Anytime and non-refundable in Wanna Get Away. However, the fares of Wanna Get Away are much cheaper as compared to Business Select.

Southwest Airline customer service phone no. – 1-800-435-9792 or +1 801 630 8358


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