How can I book Emirates Airlines Flight Ticket online?

  • Emirates Airlines is considered to be one of the most popular Aviation groups across the globe. The members of Emirates Airlines, belonging to different nationalities, cultures, and traditions work together as a family to provide the best of best services to their passengers. As a result, the number of people depending on Emirates Airlines has been increasing day by day. One of the most important features that Emirates Airlines have extended is the comfort of Online Booking. Therefore, people need not arrive at the ticket counter of the airport to book flight tickets.
  • Building an itinerary according to travel plans
  • Request as well as purchase particular seats
  • Easy payment methods such as credit or debit card
  • To book flight tickets, the passenger simply needs to select the cities that he/she desires to travel to and then choose a suitable flight. After choosing the convenient flight, one can confirm their details and decide the mode of payment.
  • To Contact Emirates Airlines Customer Service Dial 1‑800‑778‑4838 or +1 801 630 8357

How do I change the Passenger name for free on Emirates Airlines? Here is the solution:

Are you worried that you have misspelled your name by mistake and would not be able to change it? Well, it doesn’t seem quite a big deal now, thanks to Emirates Airlines. Some of the points to be considered before changing the passenger name in Emirates:

  • If the passenger wishes to change his/ her name on the ticket, it should be rightly done before the first flight of the itinerary.
  • In case the passenger has legally changed his/her name due to some reason, it can be done anytime throughout the journey without any problem.
  • But, Emirates Airlines do not support the transfer of a ticket to someone else by changing own name to another person
  • Well, an attempt to change the name of the passenger in Emirates Airlines comes with a price.
  • For direct booking, USD30 per ticket is being charged by the Emirates Airlines
  • In the UK, the charge stands at GBP10.00 per ticket (for direct bookings). However, it may change to GBP20.00 per ticket if the booking has been conducted using a travel agent
  • In India and Brazil, no extra charge is applicable while changing the name of the passenger in Emirates Airlines
  • There are also provisions for changing the destination name along with the allowance of corrections in the passenger’s name.
  • Changing Passenger name Online:
  • Visit the official website of Emirates Airlines (
  • Navigate to the “Manage your Booking” section situated at the rightmost corner of the page
  • Enter your last name as well as booking reference and select the relevant booking for which you wish to change the name
  • After correcting the information, go through double-checking
  • Receive mail/SMS for the changes made by Emirates Airlines
  • To Contact Emirates Airlines Customer Service Dial 1‑800‑778‑4838 or +1 801 630 8357
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