Want to change the passenger name? Not an issue anymore:

Lufthansa Airlines is famous across the globe for its hospitality as well as the excellent service it provides, be it domestic or international locations. It is known to provide connectivity to different parts of the World and therefore, has gained the trust of millions of people within a short time. Lufthansa ensures the satisfaction of the customers not only when they are flying but also when they are at their homes and face any problem related to flight booking.

One of the most flexible policies provided by Lufthansa Airlines provides is the ease in changing the name of the customer which falls under the name change policy. Some of the key points related to the name change policy of Lufthansa Airlines are as follows:

  • The passengers sometimes in a jiffy tend to miswrite their names. Which can be corrected using the name change policy of Lufthansa Airlines
  • If the passenger is a premium member and gets hitched recently. Then she can change her surname if she wants to, with the help of flight change policy
  • The name change is applicable in the case of both the first as well as the last name
  • However, the name change policy doesn’t support reversing the order of the first and the last name due to some security reasons
  • These strict points have been inculcated in the name change policy. So that the passengers do not face any problem when they are on board and the name fails to match with the document that they have shown

What are the steps to change the passenger name in Lufthansa?

  • Firstly, the passengers need to login to the official website of Lufthansa Airlines
  • Then, they need to click or call at Lufthansa Airlines customer care number 1-805-626-7010. And then select the “Manage Booking” option
  • Now, the passengers will be asked to input the personal details and credentials such as their booking reference number for the ticket as well as the last name for verification purposes
  • Then, they need to enter the details and hit the “Find My Booking” option
  • The page opened after that will contain all the booking details including the name of the passenger as well as booking reference number
  • After that, the passengers can choose the desired flight and click on “edit” to change the name on the ticket
  • Once the name has been changed, the passengers need to click on “save”
  • Now, the passengers will be receiving an email from Lufthansa comprising of the amendments made on that ticket. Accompanied by a new E-ticket that can be showcased at the time of boarding
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