Refunds made easy with JetBlue Airways:

The passengers need to be aware of the refund policies of the airline company they have chosen to fly with. In this way, if they need to change their flight dates or cancel the trip under some unavoidable circumstances, then they will at least know if they are eligible for refunds or need to pay any cancellation charge. JetBlue Airways has always tried its best to make the refund and cancellation policies flexible so that the passengers do not face any trouble regarding the same.

What is the refund policy of JetBlue Airways?

There are some simple points to be remembered by the passengers regarding the refund policy of JetBlue Airways. They are mentioned hereunder:

  • As long as the booking has been made seven days before the scheduled flight departure, the passengers are eligible for a full refund
  • However, the refund can be received up to 24 hours from the time the flight has been booked
  • The refund will be received back to the original payment mode
  • Since the policy has been regulated by the U.S. Department of Transportation, it is applicable to all fares

How to get a ticket refund in JetBlue Airways?

The refund eligibility is dependent on the type of ticket purchased by the passenger. If the passenger possesses a refundable ticket, then only he/she can receive a full refund. But, on the other hand, nonrefundable tickets have a cancellation fee which is dependent on the class of the ticket fare.

Here are some of the ticket types and their cancellation fee:

  • For Blue basic ticket type, the cancellation or change fee is approximately $100 for the U.S., Caribbean, Mexico, and Central America and $200 for all other routes
  • For Blue, Blue Plus, Blue Extra, and Mint ticket types, no cancellation charge is applicable but the passenger only needs to pay the airfare difference

What is the Cancellation Policy of JetBlue Airways?

The cancellation policy of JetBlue Airways is as simple as that of the refund policy. Some of the key points regarding JetBlue Airways Cancellation Policy are:

  • If the ticket is of Blue Basic type, then the cancellation charge stands at $100 per person who travels within the U.S., Caribbean, Mexico, or Central America
  • For other routes, it increases to $200
  • In case the passenger opts for ticket cancellation using JetBlue Airways customer support, then the airline imposes $25 non-refundable fee per person
  • In order to avoid that $25 per person fee, the passengers can opt for online cancellation of ticket.
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