Want to hold a flight in JetBlue Airways? Here is the solution:

JetBlue Airways understand that people tend to change their travel plans due to some unavoidable circumstances. Therefore, they have kept their travel policies simple as well as flexible. The flight hold policy of JetBlue Airways is one of them.

What is the flight hold policy of JetBlue Airways?

There are some key points to be remembered regarding the flight hold policy of JetBlue Airways. They are:

  • The flight hold or standby cannot be done online in JetBlue Airways
  • If the passengers wish to hold their flight, they need to request it at the airport prior to their original flight departure
  • In order to hold the flight, the city of destination and arrival need to be the same
  • If the passenger has an Even More Space Seat and then chooses to hold the flight having this provision, then the seat fee will be forfeited and also there won’t be any refund associated with it.
  • Flight hold policy or standby is not applicable in cities or for the passenger of those cities having just one flight a day
  • Mint customers opting for flight hold cannot be guaranteed the Mint seat and will only be assigned if there are vacant mint seats available
  • The number of passengers opting for flight hold needs to be present at the airport even if they are from the same family
  • In simple words, at the time of check-in, each passenger needs to be present
  • Mosaic, as well as customers having a refundable ticket, need not pay any flight hold charge while opting for flight hold in JetBlue Airways

What is the flight hold price of JetBlue Airways?

Not all customers need to pay the flight hold price of JetBlue Airways. Mosaic customers as well as those having a refundable ticket are debarred from paying the flight hold fare of JetBlue Airways.

  • For other customers, the flight hold fare/price stands at approximately $75 fee per passenger.
  • Also, to apply for flight hold by the passenger, he/she needs to have an already purchased ticket on JetBlue.

There is another term somewhat similar to the flight hold policy of JetBlue Airways. The passengers can also opt for a same-day flight switch in JetBlue airways. Thus, they can easily change the flight date up to 24 hours prior to the scheduled departure of the flight. Unlike the flight hold policy of JetBlue Airways, the passengers can opt for a same-day switch online also.

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