Vouchers provided by Southwest airlines:

Southwest airlines are one of the most trusted aviation groups across the globe and are very popular among common people because of the affordable flights they afford. Southwest airline provide the facility of travel vouchers to buy or purchase flight tickets or other services. Southwest airlines provide two types of travel vouchers. They are:

  • Southwest LUV vouchers
  • Southwest gift cards

What are the terms and conditions related to Southwest airlines travel vouchers?

In order to know the process by which Southwest airlines travel vouchers can be redeemed, the passenger needs to have a piece of detailed knowledge about the rules and regulations related to different kinds of vouchers provided by Southwest airlines. Some of them are as follows:

  • Southwest LUV vouchers can be utilized to make payment for future flight tickets by visiting the official website of Southwest airlines or apps or through the customer service number
  • The Southwest LUV vouchers need to be redeemed within the expiration date and no extension of the voucher date is allowed
  • In some cases, the southwest vouchers cannot be redeemed in Government-imposed segment fees, excise taxes, Passenger Facility charges as well as other selected categories
  • In order to redeem the Southwest LUV vouchers, the passenger must have the Southwest LUV voucher number with him
  • If any balance remains even after the completion of redemption, the price can be used for future use also
  • Sold or brokered vouchers are legally not acceptable
  • The Southwest LUV voucher is given to the customers in an airport which comprises of 16 digit voucher number as well as a security code
  • The Southwest voucher is received by the passenger in the airport as a gesture of goodwill. Also, it is received from Southwest airlines if the customers are offended by unforeseen and lengthy flight delays
  • To Contact Southwest Airlines Customer Service Dial 1-800-435-9792 or +1 801 630 8358

How one can use a Southwest travel voucher?

The Southwest travel vouchers can be used in multiple of ways such as:

Buying Flight tickets:

If the passenger wishes to purchase flight tickets in the future, he/she can simply use or redeem the travel voucher

Hotel Bookings:

Southwest vouchers can be used to book seven as well as five-star hotels. It is so because most of the seven and five-star hotels accept travel vouchers if the passengers want to book a room in these hotels. For this, the passengers only need to put out the number in their vouchers and additional demands that the hotel authorities require.

Shopping purposes:

The travel vouchers can be used in various hotels, resorts as well as clothes. The passengers only need to share their voucher details in order to redeem the same

What happens if My Southwest travel voucher expires?

The validity of the Southwest travel voucher is 12 months or 1 year. Within the duration, the passenger can redeem the travel voucher. But, in case the voucher expires, neither it can be extended nor the value can be forfeited.

Southwest Airline customer service phone no. –

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