What is travel vouchers?

In simple words, travel vouchers are transactions that are redeemable and are helpful in getting the services that are required by the customers. Also, vouchers are documents that can be redeemed easily in exchange for goods and services. KLM Airlines is known to provide such travel vouchers to their customers and also ensures that the customers receive their vouchers on time so that they can enjoy the services they require.

What are the terms and conditions of KLM Airline Vouchers?

Some of the key points to be considered regarding KLM Airline travel vouchers are:

  • KLM Airline voucher is not available for all the customers
  • Travel vouchers have the same value as that of the original ticket
  • Travel vouchers can be utilized as cash to purchase new flight tickets
  • There are a total of 13 numbers in the voucher

What is the procedure to use the KLM Airline voucher?

Firstly, the passengers need to request a travel voucher to avail of its service. After making a request for the same, the passengers can check the status of the request and then enter their booking reference number or last name. After the request has been approved by the airline, the passengers can enjoy the services they desire within the given amount of time.

  • It may take up to 14 days for the travel voucher to be processed after the passenger ends up requesting the KLM Travel voucher.

What if the voucher has expired?

If the KLM Airline Travel voucher has been expired, the passenger can still use it for a new booking within six months from the expiry date of the travel voucher (if the voucher has been received in return for cancelled flights). Also, the passenger is eligible for a full refund and also enjoys other services.

What is the expiry date of the travel voucher?

Generally, the travel vouchers remain valid up to 12 months from the date of issue. Within this entire year, the passengers can avail the services and if they face any problem regarding voucher utilization, they can reach out to customer care representatives of KLM Airlines.

Can I use my KLM Airline voucher for someone else?

It is to be noted that due to the strict travel policies of KLM Airlines, the passenger is solely responsible for the KLM Airline travel voucher. The passenger whose name is written on the travel voucher is entitled to enjoy the services only and no other passenger can utilize it. Therefore, the passenger cannot use his/her KLM Airline travel voucher for someone else.

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