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There are some strict baggage allowance policies on Aeroflot Airlines. When the passenger arrives for check-in, then he/she needs to present all baggage which also includes the cabin baggage. The baggage that has passed security check-in receives a baggage tag, also known to be checked baggage. The baggage policies are different for different ticket types.

How many bags can be taken on Aeroflot Airlines?

  • The Business class of Aeroflot Airlines comprises flex as well as classic fare families
  • The passengers of Business class are allowed up to 2 baggage pieces
  • The maximum weight allowed per passenger of Business class stands at 32 kg per piece
  • For the passengers of Business class having Base fare family, only one baggage is allowed which can be a maximum of 32 kg
  • For the passengers of Comfort class having Flex as well as Classic fare families, 2 baggage pieces are allowed
  • The maximum weight of the baggage pieces stands at 23 kg per piece
  • For the passengers of Comfort class having Base fare family, only one baggage piece is allow.
  • The passengers of Economy class having Flex fare family, 2 baggage pieces are allow.
  • For the passengers of Economy class, only one baggage piece is allow.
  • The above-mentioned baggage allowance is free of cost
  • But, for the passengers of Economy Class having Lite and Promo Lite fare families, Aeroflot Airlines doesn’t provide any free baggage allowance

What are the baggage allowance policies for children?

If the passenger is a child of age between 2 to 12, then the child will have the same allowance for complimentary checked baggage similar to the adult passengers. However, this airline doesn’t allow free baggage for infants as well as babies up to 2 years old as they do not occupy separate seats on board.

However, infants and children below 2 years of other fare families are eligible for free baggage allowance. But, only one bag is allow to have a maximum weight of 10 kg.

What are special baggage allowance policies for loyalty program members of Aeroflot Airlines?

  • For Platinum members of the Aeroflot Bonus loyalty program, 2 baggage pieces are allow for every destination
  • Gold and Silver members of the Aeroflot Bonus loyalty program, 1 baggage piece is allow for every destination

For baggage related queries, the passengers may contact Aeroflot Airlines’ customer service number


What is the cost of extra baggage on Aeroflot Airlines?

If the weight of the baggage is within the range mention in the baggage allowance policy of Aeroflot Airlines, then no charges are applicable. But if the baggage weight exceeds more than required, then the passengers need to pay an extra cost or fee.

  • The cost of extra baggage between weight 23-32 kg stands at $125 and between 32-50 kg at $200 respectively.


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