Southwest Airlines are one of the most affordable and demanded airlines in the entire United States. It is so because Southwest Airlines have kept its policies simple and convenient. The policies have been designed in a way so that the common people can derive the utmost benefit from them.

What are the Refund policies of Southwest Airlines?

  • If the ticket is refundable and the passenger wishes to cancel it, then he/she can either opt for a payment refund or hold the ticket value as a travel fund that can be used in future
  • If the ticket is non-refundable, then the passenger will have to hold the ticket value for future purposes only.
  • To Contact Southwest Airlines Customer Service Dial 1-800-435-9792 or +1 801 630 8358

There are various ways by which a passenger can take advantage of Southwest Airlines’ refund policy. Some of them are mentioned hereunder:

  • Credit card: Refund by credit card is one of the most used options under Southwest Airlines’ refund policy. It usually takes from 1- 7 days for the refund to be generated after which it gets processed in the original account from which the payment for ticket booking was done earlier
  • Cash: In case of a cash refund, checks are issued by the airline’s authority which may require a maximum of 20 business days from the date of receiving the request
  • Points: If the passenger opts for points, the points will get collected in the Rapid Reward account that was previously being used to book the flight
  • Travel fund: The passengers can also go for travel funds which get applied towards a Business Select or Anytime fare will be subjected to refund.

How do I Get a Refund From Southwest Airlines? – Complete Process

One of the best features of Southwest Airlines Cancellation Policy is that it doesn’t charge an extra fee for the cancellation of flight reservations. Also, the cancellation can be done from anywhere having a proper internet connection just by visiting their official website or through the app.

It is to be noted that while canceling a flight. There are two types of flights available under Southwest Airlines’ cancellation policy:-

1) Reusable and 2) Refundable

  • Reusable funds are for those people who do not desire any payment refund but utilize the funds from Wanna Get Away. Anytime, and Business Select fares for future travel. The duration of such funds is up to one year from the date of purchase.
  • Only Anytime and Business Select fares are refundable. However, the passenger needs to cancel the flight at least 10 minutes before the scheduled departure time.
  • The unused Business Select and Anytime funds that are unused automatically get converted into reusable Travel Funds.
  • To Contact Southwest Airlines Customer Service Dial 1-800-435-9792 or +1 801 630 8358

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