The hold baggage allowance in EasyJet is similar to that of other Airline companies. Every passenger is eligible to carry one cabin bag on board free of cost. The maximum size of the bag stands at 45×36×20 cm, inclusive of any handles or wheels. Most importantly, the cabin bag needs to be adjusted under the seat that remains in front of the passenger.

  • The cabin bag also needs to be sufficient enough to hold all the essentials that the passenger may need during his/her flight
  • The weight of the bag cannot exceed 15 kg due to the baggage allowance policy of EasyJet
  • The passenger can bring a large cabin bag if he/she desires which can be of size 56×45×25 cm (maximum), inclusive of any handles or wheels but there are some terms and conditions attached
  • If the passenger wishes to bring large cabin bags, he/she has two options
  • Either the passenger can choose a seat with extra legroom or book a large cabin bag
  • To Contact EasyJet Customer Service Dial (0)-330-3655000 or +1 801 630 8358

Can a passenger take two bags as hand luggage?

There are provisions for the passengers to carry two bags as hand luggage if they wish to do so. But, all the customers are not eligible to carry two handbags on board. Some of the key points related to the number of baggage allowances in EasyJet are as follows:

  • If the passenger is an EasyJet Plus cardholder having a FLEXI fare and not a regular customer, then he/she is entitled to carry an extra-large cabin bag on board, along with the small cabin bag
  • This facility is a part of EasyJet membership or fare benefits
  • For the rest of the customers, only one small cabin bag is allowed on board
  • The regular customers who do not have any membership can also bring a large cabin bag along with the small bag but they need to pay for the large cabin bag on board
  • However, the large cabin bag needs to be adjusted in an overhead locker
  • The maximum weight of the large bag stands at 15 kg
  • The passenger should be able to lift as well as carry the large cabin bag by himself/herself as no assistance from the airline company will be provided
  • If the small cabin bag exceeds 15 kg, then EasyJet imposes some changes to allow the baggage on board

What are the hold baggage policies of EasyJet?

Some of the key points related to holding baggage policies are:

  • Each customer is capable of purchasing up to three hold bags
  • The standard weight of the hold baggage is 23 kg but the passenger, if required, can purchase extra weight in units of 3 kg
  • Baggage more than 32 kg is not allowed in EasyJet
  • To contact EasyJet dial at this number :- (0)-330-3655000 or +1 801 630 8358
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